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MathCode F90

With MathCode F90 you can generate optimized Fortran 90 code that can be compiled and connected seamlessly into Mathematica.

Key Features
  • Generation of stand-alone Fortran 90 code from Mathematica code, optionally connected via MathLink to Mathematica
  • High-speed numeric computations
  • Automatic linking of existing C, C++, and Fortran 90 code into your MathCode-generated C++ code base
  • Extended matrix handling

The MathCode F90 code-generation system provides high performance, connectivity, and easy-to-use matrix arithmetic for the Mathematica developer. The core of the product is the translation of a subset of Mathematica code to Fortran 90.

MathCode F90 requires an external Fortran 90 compiler to generate executables from the Fortran 90 source code (Digital Visual Fortran or Intel Visual Fortran). However, all interaction with the compiler is handled by functions available in MathCode F90.

MathCode F90 is excellent for the user who wants to generate optimized Fortran 90 code that can be compiled for efficient numerical calculations. Using MathCode F90 with an external compiler like Digital Visual Fortran or Intel Visual Fortran, Mathematica packages can be compiled to executables and connected seamlessly into Mathematica. Existing functions/libraries of C, C++, and Fortran 90 code can also be linked during compilation and connected into Mathematica.

MathCode F90 makes it possible to develop prototypes in the powerful interactive Mathematica environment. These prototypes can be automatically translated to fast production code in Fortran 90 and linked to external applications. MathCode F90 is ideal for people who want to take advantage of the speed of native Fortran 90 code.

Generation of stand-alone external code is supported, and no runtime license is necessary to distribute compiled code. Functions in a Mathematica package that the user wants to compile must take numerical arguments and give numerical results for MathCode F90 to be able to generate Fortran 90 code. However, symbolic Mathematica code can be a part of function definitions, provided that the symbolic operations can be expanded to arithmetic expressions of an extended class of the elementary functions.

Thus, MathCode F90 opens up completely new possibilities for the user for cost-effective development of high-performance computational applications in the highly productive Mathematica environment.

MathCode F90 includes libraries to generate executables from Fortran 90 source code with Digital Visual Fortran or Intel Visual Fortran, and MathCore Engineering provides free support for other external compilers. All compiler interactions are handled by functions available in MathCode F90.

MathCode F90 is developed and supported by MathCore Engineering AB.

MathCode F90 1.2.2 requires Mathematica 7 and a Fortran compiler (Digital Visual Fortran and Intel Visual Fortran are supported out of the box, and free support for others is available on request from MathCore Engineering), and is available for Windows98/ME/N-T/2000/XP, XP64, Linux (64-bit Opteron) and Mac OS X (Mathematica 5.2.2 and 6.0 only and Intel processors only).

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