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  • Calculus WIZ and A New Kind of Science Explorer as Downloads

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  • Premier Service jetzt auch für Studenten und Lehrer
  • Ein neues Buch zu "Front-End Vision and Multi-Scale Image Analysis"

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  • Jetzt erschienen: Mathematica 4.1
  • Internationale Wörterbücher erschienen

November 2000

  • German Language Kit
  • MathML Konferenz

September 2000

  • Mathematica in Precollege Education
  • WE Mathematica Training
  • Mathematica Statistics Review
  • Mathematica in Finance Training
  • Calculus Wiz standalone

Juli 2000

  • 4tes internationales Mathematica Symposium
  • Neues MathReader Unix
  • Neues Paket zur digitalen Bildbearbeitung

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  • Neue Bücher
  • Konferenz: MathML and Math on the Web
  • Premier und Regular Service Preise

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  • Jetzt 2 Prozesse bei Class A/X Einzelplatzlizenz
  • Industrial Optimization Package

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  • Network Mathematica
  • Linux-Produktlasse X
  • Calculus Wiz
  • Windows 2000
  • Operatios Research

Februar 2000

  • Database Access Kit
  • Parallel Computing Kit
  • Fundamentals of Cryptology
  • Derivatives Expert 2

Januar 2000

  • Beginner´s Guide to Mathematica4
  • Neue Produkte in Arbeit
  • Analytic Geometry w. Mathematica
  • Mathematica Link Excel works with Excel 2000
  • MathWorld
  • JavaLink für Mathematica Wolframs News-Page

Dec 2007

Mac OS X Leopard Compatibility

Wolfram Research is pleased to confirm that Mathematica 6 is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard. Further details are available online.

März 2007

Now Available: Digital Image Processing 2.1

Digital Image Processing 2.1 has now been released. This Wolfram application package for Mathematica offers more sophisticated analyses on the desktop than any standard image-processing software. Version 2.1 adds a GUIKit-based package for interactively selecting image regions of interest, as well as several functions to simplify selecting image subregions, picking control points, and obtaining intensity profiles.

Oktober 2006

Mathematica Link for Excel 3 now available

Opening the door to new ways of computing and collaboration in Microsoft Excel, Wolfram Research announced today the release of Mathematica Link for Excel 3, the latest version of its widely popular add-on for users in finance, business, engineering, science, education, and related fields.

August 06


webMathematica 2.3, featuring the 64-bit power of Mathematica 5.2, is now available. With increased memory and CPU availability, webMathematica can now tackle much larger scientific problems--empowering educators, researchers, and professionals to put even more robust and innovative content online.

The press release is online at:

Juli 06


Polynomial Control Systems is now available, by download only. This latest Wolfram application package for Mathematica is an addition to Control System Professional Suite. It provides new tools for modeling, analysis, and design of linear control systems, along with many other innovative features.

Control System Professional has simultaneously been updated to Version 2.0.3, and Advanced Numerical Methods to Version 1.0.3. Both are now download-only and require Mathematica 5.0 or higher. Registered users of Control System Professional 2 or Advanced Numerical Methods can download their updates for free at:

Polynomial Control Systems requires Control System Professional 2.0.3 and Mathematica 5.0 or higher, and is available for all Mathematica platforms.


Wolfram Workbench Prerelease is now available as a free download for network, site, and site home-use license holders with Premier Service. It was released to single-machine Mathematica and student Premier Service subscribers last month and will be announced to this newest group of license holders soon.

Workbench is a state-of-the-art integrated development environment (IDE) that makes Mathematica and other Wolfram products ideal for developing large-scale technical solutions. This product is particularly useful for teams of programmers, enabling developers to view and work on complex projects more efficiently. Workbench is built on Eclipse, making it easy for Eclipse adopters to use Mathematica for their applications.

Wolfram Workbench is scheduled for full release later in the summer of 2006, for Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, and Linux.

Product details are available at:

Juni 06


Wolfram Research is pleased to announce the 9 June 2006 release of Cluster Integration Package, a utility that enables easy operation of gridMathematica on Microsoft's Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.
gridMathematica users can download the Cluster Integration Package for free. For details and the download, see:


As of 27 June 2006, WolframTones cellphone ringtones are now free and have an increased maximum length of 300 seconds.

Individuals can now also download tones' complete MIDI files to their computers for use in music-development tools.

Create your own free music at the WolframTones website:


Wolfram Workbench Prerelease was made available 20 June 2006 as a free download for single-license Mathematica Premier Service subscribers. Network and site subscribers will be able to download it soon.

Workbench is a state-of-the-art integrated development environment (IDE) that makes Mathematica and other Wolfram products ideal for developing large-scale technical solutions. This product is particularly useful for teams of programmers, enabling developers to view and work on complex projects more efficiently. Workbench is built on Eclipse, making it easy for Eclipse adopters to use Mathematica for their applications.

Wolfram Workbench is scheduled for full release in the summer of 2006, for Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, and Linux.

Product details are available at:


Global Optimization 5.2 was released on 22 June 2006. The application is now download-only.

Mai 06


Mathematica Link for LabVIEW 2.1, a Mathematica application package that enables users to control a LabVIEW application from within a Mathematica notebook or to call the Mathematica kernel from within a LabVIEW VI, is now available. This new version offers improved and faster functionality, enhanced documentation, and added support for LabVIEW 8.0.

April 06


machine learning framework, a third-party Mathematica application
package for all experts who want to extract computational models
from data, is being upgraded to Version 1.5 (from Version 1.3).
This release is planned for 27 April 2006. Version 1.5 newly
supports Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Windows.

Further details will be provided online when the product is


The May 2006 issue of The American Statistician contains an
extensive 11-page review of Mathematica by their software editor,
Joseph Hilbe.

He wrote, "Those with a good undergraduate background in
statistics can use Mathematica to perform nearly every
statistical task they need for their research. Those having a
more extensive mathematical background can use Mathematica to
push the very limits of statistical theory and application."

Subscribers can read the entire article online at:

März 06


KNITRO for Mathematica, a new third-party application package,
was released on 14 March 2006. KNITRO is a popular nonlinear
optimization product newly available for Mathematica. It computes
a local minimum to general optimization problems composed from
Mathematica functions and objects.

This application requires Mathematica 5.1 or higher and is
download-only. Please remember that for download sales to be
attributed to you, customers must use your referral code.

KNITRO for Mathematica is available for Windows and Linux. If you
are interested in a version for Sun Solaris or a Linux
x86(64-bit) platform, please contact your Business Development

Februar 06


Statistical Inference Package was released on 8 February 2006.
This third-party Mathematica application package makes it easy to
do classical-likelihood-based statistical inference.

Statistical Inference Package requires Mathematica 5.0 or higher;
is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux; and is


The following books have recently been added to the Wolfram
Research bookstore:

"Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective," Second Edition, by
Richard Crandall and Carl Pomerance (ISBN: 0387252827)

"Tubes," Second Edition, by Alfred Gray (ISBN: 3764369078)

"New Ideas in Symbolic Computation: Proceedings of the 6th
International Mathematica Symposium," edited by Peter Mitic,
Christian J. Jacob, and Janet Carne (CD; ISBN: 0954781007)

Januar 06

Mathematica 5.2 Validated on Two New Platforms

Mathematica 5.2 has now been validated for use on two new
platforms: SuSE Professional 10 for Linux x86 (64-bit), and Red
Hat Fedora Core 4 for Linux x86 (32-bit).

The complete list of supported platforms is online at:

International Mathematica Symposium 2006

The 8th International Mathematica Symposium (IMS) will be held
19-23 June 2006 at the Palais des Papes in Avignon, France.
Conference details, including submissions information, can be
found at:

A news story about the International Mathematica Symposium 2006
(IMS'06) is now available online:

New User Stories

Researchers have developed a complete workflow in Mathematica to
build customized endplates for spinal disc prostheses:

Major manufacturers rely on machine learning framework for
Mathematica to optimize automated assembly-line processes:

Database Access Kit No Longer Available

General sales of Database Access Kit were discontinued in
November 2004, when it was replaced by added functionality in
Mathematica 5.1, and it is now no longer available for special

In the Press

Macworld honored Mathematica 5.2 with a 2005 Editors' Choice Award:

Mathematica 5.2 was also named one of Scientific Computing's top
products of 2005:

EDN listed Mathematica CalcCenter 3 as one of their hot 100
products of 2005 (one of only six software releases so

Scientific Computing magazine's January 2006 issue had a
complimentary review by John A. Wass of Wellin et al.'s book, "An
Introduction to Programming with Mathematica," Third Edition:

The December 2005 / January 2006 Scientific Computing World
included many Wolfram Research mentions. "Computing Robustness in
Biology," an article by Brian Cogan, had positive information on
Mathematica and PathwayLab Research Edition:

Their New Products section highlighted PathwayLab Research Edition:

and Digital Image Processing 2:

Scientific Computing World's print edition also included
information on Mathematica Personal Grid Edition.

Dezember 05

Wolfram Technology Guide

We're pleased to announce the Wolfram Technology Guide. This new
resource graphically highlights many of the unique innovations in
Mathematica and other Wolfram Research products.

Explore the Technology Guide at:

International Mathematica Symposium 2006

The 8th International Mathematica Symposium (IMS) conference will
be held 19-23 June 2006 at the Palais des Papes in Avignon,
France. Conference details, including submissions information,
can be found at:

In the Press

Stephen Wolfram's thoughts on the computational universe and the
search for extraterrestrial intelligence are the cover story for
the 26 November 2005 New Scientist. The full article, by Marcus
Chown, is available to subscribers at:

Croatia's PC Chip magazine compared math software--including
Maple, Mathcad, Matlab, and others--and gave Mathematica the
highest ranking. The results are in Issue 126, and an abstract is
available here:

The December 2005 issue of the Czech Republic's Automatizace
magazine includes an interview by Ivan Zelinka with Jon McLoone
about Mathematica.

Advanced Imaging Magazine's November 2005 "Software Covers the
Imaging Bases" article, by Hank Russell, includes a brief
write-up of Digital Image Processing 2:

November 05

Now Available: Mathematica Personal Grid Edition

Mathematica Personal Grid Edition is now available. It provides
individual users with an affordable, easy-to-use way to take full
advantage of the increasingly cost-effective quad-core computers
now on the market. Product information can be found at:

The press release is available at:

Wolfram Research Attending Supercomputing Conference

Wolfram Research is attending this year's Supercomputing
Conference, held 14-17 November in Seattle, Washington, United
States. Mathematica Personal Grid Edition and gridMathematica
will be highlighted by Wolfram personnel at several major
hardware vendor booths, including Apple, Microsoft, Sun, AMD, HP,
SGI, Intel, IBM, ClearSpeed, and Orion Multisystems. More
information about the conference can be found at:

Now Available: J/Link 3.1.0

J/Link, the toolkit that integrates Mathematica and Java, has now
been updated. More information can be found at:

The new version is available to download at:

Now Available: .NET/Link 1.2.1

.NET/Link, a toolkit for Windows that integrates Mathematica and
Microsoft .NET Framework, has now been updated. More information
can be found at:

The new version is available to download at:

In the Press

Computerworld Russia's 18 October 2005 issue has an article by
Dmitriy Zhelvitskiy about the Wolfram Research Tour of Russia and

The December 2005 issue of MacAddict features a review titled
"Mathematica CalcCenter 3: Easy-But-Powerful Math Software," by
Carey Myslewski. The magazine includes a CD with a trial version
of the program.

Wolfram Research Bookstore

The following book has been recently re-added to the Wolfram
Research bookstore.

"Option Valuation under Stochastic Volatility with Mathematica
Code," by Alan L. Lewis (ISBN: 0967637201)

Oktober 05

Now Available: LinkageDesigner

LinkageDesigner, a brand-new third-party Mathematica application
package, is now available. This download-only product offers a
robust environment for prototyping, visualizing, and analyzing
linkages and mechanisms.

For download sales to be attributed to you, customers must use
your referral code or be directed to the website from your store.

Until 31 January 2006, customers can receive a 30% discount on
LinkageDesigner by using promotion code PD1272.

Press release:

Product information:

Premier Service Access to "The Mathematica Journal"

Throughout their subscription period, Premier Service customers
receive free online access to "The Mathematica Journal" via the
Premier Service Subscribers website:

Wolfram Technology Conference 2005

The Wolfram Technology Conference 2005 was a success. Many of the
presentations are now available in the Mathematica Information

LinkageDesigner Promotion

Bis zum 31.01.2006 gibt es erhalten Sie 30% Preisnachlass beim Neukauf von LinkageDesigner

Wolfram Research Tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Wolfram Research Tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland in
November 2005 consists of a series of lecture presentations by
Sarah Flannery, author and former Irish and European Young
Scientist of the Year. For details, see:

September 05


On 12 September 2005 Wolfram Research will officially launch
WolframTones, the innovative new website that uses Stephen
Wolfram's theories to "mine" the abstract computational universe
to create an infinity of unique original musical
compositions--that can be downloaded to give everyone their own
distinctive personal cellphone ringtone, in their own favorite
musical style.

WolframTones will immediately be available in the United States
and most European countries for approximately 1000 different cell
phone models.

You can visit the new site at:

MathLink for AppleScript

MathLink for AppleScript ist in Version 1.3 erschienen. Die AppleScript-Erweiterung, mit der man Mathematica unter AppleScript verwenden kann, gibt es hier zum kostenlosen Download.

August 05

Mathematica CalcCenter in the Press

Mathematica CalcCenter 3 made macHOME magazine's September 2005
"Essential Back to School Guide," under the software section
"Five More We Can't Live Without."

A review of Mathematica CalcCenter 3 was recently published in
the September 2005 edition of MACup.

Mathematica CalcCenter 3 has been awarded a four-mouse rating by
Macworld. The full review can be found at:

Bitwise, a new online magazine, has published a review of
Mathematica CalcCenter 3, which can be found at:

Global Optimization 5.1 Now Available

Global Optimization 5.1, an updated Mathematica application
package from an independent developer, is now available. Global
Optimization is a collection of functions for constrained and
unconstrained global nonlinear optimization. It uses Mathematica
as an interface for defining nonlinear systems to be solved and
for computing function numeric values. Registered users receive
free updates.

For more information about this product visit:

Global Optimization 5.1 requires Mathematica 3, 4, or 5 and is
available for all Mathematica platforms.

gridMathematica 2.1 Now Shipping

gridMathematica 2.1, the new version of gridMathematica that
utilizes the 64-bit and multicore advances of Mathematica 5.2, is
now shipping.

With the added features of Mathematica 5.2, gridMathematica is
now an even better solution for handling the most demanding
large-scale problems and simulations. Universal 64-bit technology
means that there's effectively no memory barrier--theoretically
addressing up to 16 exabytes--so gridMathematica is limited only
by the operating system and hardware.

For more information, please visit the product web page at:

Juli 05

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 2.2 Now Available

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 2.2, an independently developed Mathematica
application package designed for use by quantitative analysts,
traders, risk managers, treasurers, and product designers, is now

A complete list of the package's new features can be found at:

Note: For all orders, please contact uni software plus GmbH at or visit their website:

Geometrica Temporarily Unavailable

Geometrica, a third-party Mathematica application package, is
temporarily unavailable. If you have any questions about this
software, please contact the developers, Video Atelier, via the
information at the Geometrica website:

Mathematica Wins Award

Mathematica was honored by Scientific Computing and
Instrumentation's 2005 Mathematics Readers' Choice Award. These
annual awards recognize products that provide the best quality,
reliability, ease of use, technical support, and value. The full
list of winners can be found at:

Mathematica 5.2 Now Shipping

Mathematica 5.2 is now shipping. Wolfram Research is pleased to
announce Mathematica 5.2, the 64-bit multicore release and the
latest version of the world-renowned science and technology
software system Mathematica. Hot on the heels of Mathematica 5.1,
itself released just eight months ago, 5.2 brings 64-bit
technology to all supported platforms--an industry first. More
than 4.3GB of memory (the 32-bit address limit) can now be
addressed, and high-precision or large numbers are processed in
64-bit rather than 32-bit digit chunks for faster computation.

The full Mathematica 5.2 press release can be found at:

"What's New in Mathematica 5.2" information can be found at:

A summary of new features can be found at:

In the Press

"'It's Like Having Unlimited Memory': Mathematica Supports 64-Bit
addressing"--Apple reflects on Wolfram Research's support for the
latest version of the Mac OS and 64-bit addressing.

"Easing the Way to Fuels Paradise"--Felix Grant looks at using a
combination of mathematical and text software, including
Mathematica CalcCenter 3, to explore the uncertainties of
alternative energy policy.

"Desperately Seeking Solutions"--Felix Grant tests out the latest
information search software, including Wolfram Notebook Indexer.

Juni 05

MathOptimizer Professional Update

MathOptimizer Professional, a third-party Mathematica application
package, has been updated. It now supports Linux and several new
compilers. For more information, please visit:

PrimeKit No Longer Available for Sale

PrimeKit is no longer available for sale. If customers have any
questions about this product, they may contact the developer

Perfectly Scientific, Inc.
3754 SE Knight St.
Portland OR 97202
fax: +1-503-774-1820

Mathematica Is First External Application to Run on Intel Mac

Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed Apple's switch to Intel chips in
his keynote address at this year's Apple Worldwide Developers
Conference (WWDC). Mathematica was used to demonstrate how easy
it is for developers to port software to the new Intel Mac
platform, and has become the first external application to run on
the new platform. The port was accomplished in just two hours and
only required changes to about 20 lines of code.

The keynote presentation is available from the Apple site as a
QuickTime movie:

Mai 05

Mathematica CalcCenter 3 Released

Mathematica CalcCenter 3 has now been released. This new, renamed
version of CalculationCenter provides much faster data analysis,
optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential
equations, fully optimized support for Mac OS X, improved and
expanded import and export, and over 50 other enhancements.

Information on what's new in Mathematica CalcCenter 3 can be
found at:

The full press release is available at:

Operations Research 3.1

Operations Research 3.1 is now available. This is a Mathematica
application package developed by SoftAS GmbH for solving problems
in linear optimization, quadratic programming, shortest path, and
combinatorial optimization and heuristics. The new version
requires Mathematica 5.0 or 5.1 and is available for Windows and

More information about this application is available at:

Wolfram Research Bookstore

The following book has been recently added to the Wolfram
Research bookstore.

"Basic Theory of Exploration Seismology," by John K. Costain and
Cahit Çoruh (ISBN: 0080370195)

April 05

Now Available: webMathematica 2.2

webMathematica 2.2 is now available. The new version includes
Mathematica 5.1, letting users take advantage of all of
Mathematica's new features and benefits.

The full press release can be found at:

Information on new features is at:

gridMathematica in the Press

Alan Skillman, General Manager of Wolfram Research Asia Ltd., was
recently interviewed by Nihon Joho Sangyo Shimbun (a Japan
newspaper covering information industries and markets news) about
gridMathematica 2. The resultant article, "Release of New Version
of Grid Product--Wolfram Research--High-Speed Computation with
Parallel Processing," by Satoru Sugita, was published on 18 April

A quote from the article:

"'Our current end users are the first people to whom we would
like to introduce this more powerful computing environment,' said
Alan Skillman, a representative of Wolfram Research Asia Limited,
about a strategy in the Japanese market. The headquarters in the
U.S. is partnering with hardware makers for cross-promotion, and
comparable approaches may possibly be taken in Japan."

gridMathematica User Story

A new user story on Troy Day's adoption of gridMathematica to
explore large-scale questions in human immunity is now available
online at:

Wolfram Research Bookstore

The following books have been recently added to the Wolfram
Research bookstore.

"Getting Started with Mathematica," Second Edition, by C-K.
Cheung, G. E. Keough, Robert H. Gross, and Charles Landraitis
(ISBN: 0471478156)

"Applied Laplace Transforms and z-Transforms for Scientists and
Engineers: A Computational Approach using a Mathematica Package,"
by Urs E. Graf (ISBN:3764324279)

März 05

gridMathematica 2 Now Available

gridMathematica 2 is now available. This new version delivers an
enhanced parallel Mathematica environment that is optimized for
modern multiprocessor machines, mixed and homogeneous clusters,
grids, and supercomputers. A list of new features can be found at:

Press material can be found at:

The full press release is online at:

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2 is now available. In addition to
making use of the latest features in Mathematica, this version
has many improvements to parallelization, features, and load
balancing, and is incorporated in gridMathematica 2. A full list
of new features can be found at:

Press material can be found at:

The full news story is online at:

J/Link 3.0.2 Now Available

The J/Link toolkit for Mathematica has been updated to Version
3.0.2. The new version is identical to the one that ships with
Mathematica 5.1.1 except that it incorporates one fix for a
problem on Mac OS X 10.3.8. More information on J/Link is
available at:

Registered users of Mathematica can download the J/Link 3.0.2 for
free at:

Mathematica 5.1 Is NASA's Product of the Month

The United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a monthly publication called NASA Tech Briefs that reports on engineering solutions for design and manufacturing. Mathematica 5.1 is their March 2005 Product of the Month. The news item is available at:

September 04

Calculus WIZ and A New Kind of Science Explorer Now Available as Downloads

Calculus WIZ and A New Kind of Science Explorer are both now available as downloads (Windows only) from the Wolfram Research web store.

Calculus WIZ:

A New Kind of Science Explorer:

August 04

Mathematica Used in Fashion Design

A full-page article about Japanese fashion designer Eri Matsui is in the
August 5 issue of Far Eastern Economic Review. With Mathematica, Matsui
creates clothing inspired by mathematical equations and constructs.

The article is available online at:

A previous Mathematica user story on Matsui is also available:

Wolfram Publicon

Wolfram Research is pleased to announce the launch of Wolfram Publicon, a
new integrated software solution for composing sophisticated technical
documents. It has been created for the growing number of academic
researchers, students, and industry professionals who need to create or
publish documents with technical content. Publicon produces
platform-independent files that can be exported to HTML, XML, LaTeX, or
custom Publicon formats. More product details can be found at:

The Wolfram Publicon information sheet can be found at:

Publicon is available for Windows and Mac OS X, as a download only.

Free Downloads: DICOM Sample Files

webMathematica 2.1 and Mathematica 5 support the Digital Imaging and
Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, which facilitates
interoperability of medical-imaging equipment and is widely used in
radiology. For use in conjunction with webMathematica 2.1's included DICOM
example, we have gathered a few DICOM files that can be downloaded for free

webMathematica Author Now Available

Wolfram Research has launched webMathematica Author, a new utility to help
support the growing webMathematica community. webMathematica Author is a
Mathematica add-on that aids in the creation and development of JavaServer
Pages (JSP) for use with webMathematica. It provides Mathematica users with
functions and palette options that simplify the construction and layout of
commonly used HTML and webMathematica tags, thereby easing the
webMathematica development process.

Registered users can download webMathematica Author free of charge at:

More information about webMathematica Author can be found at:

Wolfram Research Bookstore

The following book is now available from the Wolfram Research bookstore:

"Modeling Random Systems," by J.R. Cogdell (ISBN: 0131414372)

Juli 04

Wolfram Research Educational White Paper

An educational white paper titled "The Practical Approach to Maths
Education," by Conrad Wolfram, is now available on the Wolfram Research
website at:

New User Story: Mapping Radiation Levels at Atomic Bomb Test Site

Using Mathematica for the first time, William Kolb has created a physical
map of radiation levels at the Trinity Site, home to the world's first
atomic bomb test in 1945. His 3D surface graphic, superimposed onto an
aerial photo of Trinity, details odd "hot spots" of radioactivity to one
side of the blast area.

The full user story can be found at:

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 2 Now Shipping

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 2, an application package from an independent
developer, is now shipping. Designed for use by quantitative analysts,
traders, risk managers, treasurers, and product designers, UnRisk 2 provides
an optimized solution for derivatives analytics. UnRisk 2 features the
complete reorganization and expansion of the numerical schemes to solve and
calibrate two-factor models with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Numerical
techniques include adaptive integration, finite elements, streamline
diffusion, and regularization.

A complete list of the package's new features can be found at:

UnRisk 2 requires Mathematica 4 or 5 and, optionally, Mathematica Link for
Excel and a compatible version of Microsoft Excel. UnRisk is available for

Note: Commercial licenses for UnRisk include a one-year subscription to
UnRisk Premium Service. Annual academic licenses are available at a special

For more information, visit:

MathModelica Now Available from Wolfram Research

MathModelica is now available through Wolfram Research. MathModelica has
long been sold by its developers, MathCore Engineering AB, and is a powerful
engineering tool for virtual model building and simulation of all kinds of
physical systems. This gives a unique capability to model and simulate
complex systems with high accuracy and precision, in an easy and intuitive
computer environment. The online product pages have been updated and

or more information, visit:

GUIKit Now Shipping

GUIKit, Wolfram Research's latest technology release for use with
Mathematica, is a new development tool built on Java and can be downloaded
free of charge. GUIKit provides a high-level Mathematica expression syntax
for defining graphical user interfaces, along with a runtime environment for
managing and deploying these reusable definitions. Users can quickly build
innovative applications that capitalize on Mathematica's trusted
computational, graphical, and language capabilities.

More information about GUIKit can be found at:

Juni 04

Mathematica Paris Conference 2004

Wolfram Research, in conjunction with Ritme Informatique, is hosting a
one-day Mathematica conference in Paris, France. The conference will
showcase potential and applied uses of Mathematica in a wide range of
fields. Wolfram Research staff from the United States headquarters offices
as well as from Wolfram Research Europe and Wolfram Research France will be
present to demonstrate state-of-the-art Mathematica technologies, applicable
for both the academic and industrial communities.

More information about the conference is available at:

Mathematica 5 Language Kits Now Available

Mathematica 5 French, Spanish, and Italian Language Kits are now available.
These add-ons translate the Mathematica interface--including menus, the
tutorial, and the Getting Started guide--into a more familiar environment
for the user. Registered Mathematica 5 users can download these Windows
language kits free of charge.

French Language Kit 3.0:

Spanish Language Kit 3.0:

Italian Language Kit 3.0:

Additional information can be found at:

Mathematica 5 Optimized for 64-Bit Computing on SGI IRIX

Wolfram Research has released a new 64-bit optimized port of Mathematica 5
for users running SGI IRIX 6.5 on MIPS processor-based machines.

IRIX users can now upgrade to the enhanced speed and functionality that
Mathematica 5 provides, without any sacrifice to the comfort and performance
of their native operating system.

The full press release can be found at:

Upgrading to Mathematica 5 for SGI IRIX

Existing SGI IRIX users who are interested in Mathematica 5 can order their upgrade from the Wolfram Research web store at:

März 04


TSi ProPac 3.2, an application package from an independent developer is now available. TSi ProPac is an integrated, enhanced version of TSi Dynamics and TSi Controls. Developed and supported by Techno-Sciences, Inc., TSi ProPac is compatible with Control System Professional.

Weitere Informationen


SchematicSolver 2, an application package from an independent developer, is now available. SchematicSolver is a Mathematica application package for drawing, solving, and implementing systems represented by schematics. It performs mixed symbolic-numeric processing. It is the first mouse-driven interactive drawing tool in Mathematica.

Weitere Informationen

SchematicSolver 2 is designed for use with Mathematica 4.2.1 or later and is available for Windows 2000/XP.


MathCode C++ 1.2, an application package from an independent developer is now available. MathCode C++ generates optimized C++ Code from Mathematica Programs. The MathCode C++ code-generation system provides high performance, connectivity, and easy-to-use matrix arithmetic for the Mathematica developer.

Weitere Information über MathCode C++ 1.2 :

MathCode C++ erfordert Mathematica 3, 4, oder 5 und ist verfügbar für Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris.


Varun Narendra's Mathematica-based enzyme research made it to the finals of the Intel Science Talent Search, often called the "junior Nobel Prize." The full news story can be found at:


Global Optimization 4.3, an application package from an independent developer, is now available. Global Optimization is a collection of functions for constrained and unconstrained global nonlinear optimization. It uses Mathematica as an interface for defining nonlinear systems to be solved and for computing function numeric values. Registered users receive free updates.

Weitere Informationen

Global Optimization 4.3 erfordert Mathematica 3, 4, oder 5 und ist verfügbar für alle Mathematica-Plattformen.


Workstation Planet features Mathematica in an article by Dan Costa called "Mathematica Applications Add Up." The article includes some creative uses of Mathematica, a short background on Stephen Wolfram and A New Kind of Science (NKS), brief mentions of gridMathematica and webMathematica, and a little on 64-bit computing.

Weitere Informationen


Wolfram Research has expanded its licensing options for CalculationCenter, making the easy-to-use computational software even more accessible. Network CalculationCenter streamlines affordable multi-user site access, and CalculationCenter for Students offers students an inexpensive option for use on their personal computers

Product Informationen:


Neue Bücher im Bookstore

"Mathematica Navigator: Mathematics, Statistics, and Graphics," Second Edition, by Heikki Ruskeepaa (ISBN: 012603642X)

"Differential Equations with Mathematica," Third Edition, by Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton (ISBN: 0120415623)

Februar 04


MathWorld--the most visited site at Wolfram Research and among the most popular math websites on the planet--is now sporting a new look and logo. The new design was created by Megan Gillette and Jeremy Davis and represents MathWorld's first face-lift in two years.

Eric Weisstein, MathWorld creator and webmaster, says that the site continues to grow in both size and popularity and notes that the new design
is meant to help encourage reader contributions to the encyclopedia.

You can view the redesigned MathWorld site at:


Magnetica, a new application package from an independent developer, is now available for download. Combined with Mathematica, the package offers a
unique tool for advanced engineering and research. Magnetica brings you speed and precision in static magnetic fields computation, allowing you to analyze, design, optimize, and simulate magnetic systems. It is designed for use with Mathematica 4 or 5 and is available for all Mathematica platforms.

The complete news release can be read at:

Product information about Magnetica can be found at:


NKS|Online was recently featured in USA TODAY's "Hot Sites" section. USA TODAY says, "No more and no less than the full, searchable text of the landmark book, which was published to great tumult in 2002. Many in the sciences believe that what Wolfram's lain out in the print version's 1197 pages will fundamentally re-organize the way we view the universe, and some folks have criticized him for not making such a significant text more freely available. Now he has. This is probably the most rigorous reading you'll do all year, and--if you're willing to work--extraordinarily rewarding."

You can view the item online at:


Tensors in Physics has been updated to support Mathematica 5. The updated
package contains a user's guide and a brief refresher course in differential
geometry as well as the Mathematica-based program CARTAN 1.5. The tensor
concept is important in physics and has wide applications in such diverse
fields as relativity theory, cosmology, high energy physics, field theory,
thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and mechanics.

The package includes examples and references from the works of major
mathematicians and scientific researchers. It is designed for use with
Mathematica 3 or later and is available for all Mathematica platforms.

Additional information about Tensors in Physics can be found at:

November 03


Registered Mathematica application users can download their free updates at:

Ein neues Buch im Wolfram Bookstore

"Front-End Vision and Multi-Scale Image Analysis: Multi-Scale Computer
Vision Theory and Applications, written in Mathematica" by Bart M. ter Haar
Romeny (ISBN: 1402015070)


The Wolfram Science Group is pleased to announce the NKS Forum, the official forum for the NKS community and for public discussion of issues related to Stephen Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science." The forum is intended to provide further explanation of ideas and discoveries in the book and to serve as a
communication medium for research and collaboration building on the contents of the book. We invite your and your colleagues to participate in the discussions at:

Oktober 03

MATHEMATICA für Studenten: Semester- und Jahres-Edition

Die Semester und Jahres-Editionen sind jetzt als Download verfügbar. Die Lizenzen laufen für sechs bzw. 12 Monate (nach Registrierung).

Try Mathematica oder CalculationCenter gratis!

Mit vollständigem Funktionsumfang aber zeitbegrenzte Test-Downloads jetzt verfügbar...


MathOptimizer Professional,

  • eine Mathematica Applikation eines unabhängigen Entwicklers, ist jetzt lieferbar.
  • bietet fortgeschrittene Strategien für die Lösung globaler und konvexer Optimierungsprobleme in der Mathematica-Umgebung.

Anmerkung: MathOptimizer Professional ist kein Update zu MathOptimizer.
Die zwei Applikationen lösen zwar ähnliche Optimierungsprobleme, verwenden jedoch verschiedenen Algorithmen und Methoden. MathOptimizer ist ein natives Mathematica-Produkt, das fuer alle in Mathematica formulierte Optimierungsmodelle verwendet werden kann, MathOptimizer Professional hingegen läßt sich nur für jene Modelle verwenden, die sich direkt in C oder Fortran übersetzten lassen und verwendet eine Compiler-basierte, Mathematica-externe Lösungsprozedur.
Weitere Informationen zu MathOptimizer Professional

MathOptimizer Professional erfordert Mathematica 4 oder später, sowie einen C- oder Fortran-Compiler und ist lieferbar für Windows 2000, XP oder später. Enwicklung für andere Plattformen auf Anfrage.

Linux Itanium Version of Mathematica 5

Die Linux Itanium Version von Mathematica 5 ist jetzt als Download lieferbar und soll auch bald als CD-ROM Version zu haben sein. Durch diese neue Version ist Mathematica das erste Technical Computing System, das es für die Intel Itanium 2-basierte Plattform gibt, die Intel als Zukunft der High-End Computing-Umgebungen bezeichnet. Weitere Informationen


Advanced Modern Control,

  • eine neue Mathematica Applikation eines unabhängigen Entwicklers, ist jetzt lieferbar
  • erweitert die Funktionalität der Control System Professional Suite um neue Algorithmen und Funktionen für den Entwurf stetiger und diskreter "reduced-order controllers", die Reduktion von "full-order" zu "reduced-order continuous plants", sowie für die Systemanalyse, mit der bestimmt wird, wie gut die Ergebnisse mit den vorgegebenen Spezifikationen übereinstimmen.

Advanced Modern Control
erfordert Mathematica 4.0, Control System Professional 2.0, and Advanced Numerical Methods 1.0 oder spätere Versionen.
ist lieferbar für Windows, Macintosh, Linux sowie die meisten Unix-Plattformen.

Weitere Informationen


MathTensor, the largest application package to date by an independent developer, adds over 250 new functions and objects to Mathematica to give users tensor analysis functionality. Information on MathTensor can be found on the product page at:

On this page there is a link to MathTensor technical information that gives directions on how to install MathTensor and to modify the init.m file to work with Mathematica 5.

August 03

In Kürze erscheint: GRIDMATHEMATICA 1.1

Wolfram Research has significantly increased the robustness of its grid computing solution with the release of gridMathematica 1.1.

gridMathematica now includes Mathematica 5, the new high-performance version of Wolfram's leading technical computing software. Tremendous improvements in linear algebra, optimization, and linear programming in Mathematica 5 enable gridMathematica 1.1 to handle even larger problems and analyses.
More information about gridMathematica

Juli 03


Developer Conference talk Notebooks können im Web gelesen werden

Juni 03

15ter Jahrestag von WOLFRAM RESEARCH

Mathematica will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on Monday 23 June 2003. This anniversary also sees the release of Mathematica 5, the first full-digit release since Mathematica 4.0 in May 1999. Full press release


On Monday 23 June 2003 Wolfram Research will release Mathematica 5, the new high-performance version of its award-winning technical computing software. Key new technologies enable Mathematica 5 to outperform dedicated numerical systems in raw computational speed, while introducing a host of innovative features.

Full press release on Mathematica 5

Erscheint demnächst: EXPERIMENTAL DATA ANALYST 1.1

Experimental Data Analyst bietet eine umfangreichen Satz Tools für die Datenanpassung, Visualisierung und Fehleranalyse mit Mathematica.
Version 1.1 bietet neue Funktionen, neue Optionen und stark verbesserte online-Dokumentation sowie zusätzliche Checks auf inkonsistente oder pathologische Eingaben für viele Funktionen.
Anwender werden auch signifikante Leistungsverbesserungen bemerken, die sich zum Teil durch die Nutzung der Fortschritte in Mathematica 4 und später ergeben.

Data Analyst 1.1 ist verfügbar für Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux (PC, Alpha, PowerPC), Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, HP Tru64 Unix und kompatible Systeme.
Registrierte Anwender älterer Versionen von Experimental Data Analyst können Version 1.1 gratis downloaden

FUZZY LOGIC 2 jetzt lieferbar

Fuzzy Logic 2 enthält mehrere Bug-Fixes, Leistungsverbesserungen sowie eine große Anzahl neuer Funktionen.
Weitere Informationen | Informationen zu Neuigkeiten

4.2 wird es auch nach dem 5.0 RELEASE geben

Eine Reihe von Plattformen werden von Mathematica 5.0 nicht mehr unterstützt. Wolfram Research wird jedoch weiterhin Version 4.2 für die folgenden Plattformen verkaufen, liefern und unterstützen: SGI IRIX, Windows 95, Mac OS < 10.2, 32-bit Solaris, 32-bit HP-UX, LinuxPPC

Mai 03


The new Web Services Package 1.0 web pages are now live. Wolfram Research is inviting users to try the beta version of the new package, which allows users to interact with web services in Mathematica. Web Services Package enables users to access additional data and processing services, such as geographical data, financial data, remote calculation, language translation, file conversion, and Wolfram Research online information services, from directly within Mathematica.

More information | The press release


Diese neue Version von webMathematica beinhaltet Eigenschaften, die es Anwendern noch einfacher macht, intelligente, interaktive Web-Applikationen mit den vollständigen Rechen- und Visualisierungsmöglichkeiten von Mathematica zu erstellen. Die erste Version von webMathematica hat die Tür geöffnet für die Einbeziehung einer neuen Generation interaktiver Funktionalität auf Web-Seiten. webMathematica 2.0 verwendet die neuesten Web-Entwicklungsstandards und ist so ein robusteres Produkt und die klare Wahl für die Ergänzung von Web-Seiten durch interaktive Berechnungen geworden.
Weitere Information | webMathematica News-Release


The International Mathematica Symposium (IMS), held every two years, returns to England in 2003 for the first time since its inception in 1995. The fifth IMS will be held at Imperial College in London, England, on July 7-11, 2003, with optional pre- and postconference Mathematica training sessions on July 6 and 12. This year's keynote speakers include John Nash (of "A Beautiful Mind" fame), the Nobel Laureate and pioneer of non-cooperative game theory who is also a long-time Mathematica user.
Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica and CEO of Wolfram Research, whose book "A New Kind of Science" has recently been published, will be making a videolink appearance.
For more information

April 03

German Language Kit 2.2 Windows

Ab sofort können User der Mathematica-Version 4.2 für Windows das German Language Kit gratis downloaden


A release announcement about RiskQ 4.2 has been posted on the Wolfram Research website.

Product information



The March 2003 edition of Mechanical Engineering features an article that looks at the importance, usefulness, and future of grid computing. The full article, titled "Getting on the Grid," makes reference to gridMathematica

Control System Professional Suite

Control System Professional wurde vollständig überarbeitet und ist jetzt Teil der aus zwei Paketen bestehenden Control System Professional Suite: Grundpaket The Control System Professional 2 plus The Advanced Numerical Methods


Current users of Control System Professional can upgrade to Control System Professional 2 (CSP2) for only 25% of the list price. Should users choose to upgrade to the Control System Professional Suite which includes Control System Professional 2 and Advanced Numerical Methods (ANM), they will be eligible for an additional 15% discount on the total price of the CSP2 upgrade and ANM purchase costs.

All new purchases of the Control System Professional Suite are eligible for a 15% discount on the total list price.


UnRisk PRICING ENGINE 1.7, an application package from an independent developer, is now shipping. Designed for use by quantitative analysts, traders, risk managers, treasurers, and product designers, UnRisk PRICING ENGINE is a tool that combines speed with precision in the analysis of financial derivatives.

More information

UnRisk PRICING ENGINE requires Mathematica 4 or later and, optionally, Mathematica Link for Excel and a compatible version of Microsoft Excel. UnRisk PRICING ENGINE is available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.


SchematicSolver, a new application package from an independent developer, is now shipping. SchematicSolver is an application package that allows the user to draw, analyze, solve, design, and implement systems in Mathematica. It is the first mouse-driven interactive drawing tool based entirely on Mathematica's built-in functions, graphics primitives, and palettes. With SchematicSolver, the user can perform simulations of discrete-time (digital) and continuous-time (analog) systems, control systems, digital filters, and much more.

More information


Geometrica02 is now shipping. Geometrica is designed for use by mathematics educators at the high school and college level, researchers for exact diagram drawing of any complexity, graphical designers, architects, and engineers for CAD applications. Geometrica02 uses the symbolic engine of Mathematica and integrates many theorems of geometry to let you create perfect figures and perform analytical geometry and tests.

More information

Geometrica02 requires Mathematica 4 or later and is available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, Macintosh, and most Unix platforms.


Professional versions of Mathematica are available for the IA64 Linux platform running on NEC systems. We do not currently support any other IA64 Linux systems, but we would like to hear from you if you are requesting the above products for any other system.



The Mathematica Teacher Network is a new resource sponsored by Wolfram Research that enables maths and science teachers to share their Mathematica knowledge and experiences with their colleagues.

At the heart of the Mathematica Teacher Network are Mathematica mentors--teachers who have been selected for their enthusiasm and experience in using Mathematica in their classrooms and their desire to help others do the same. A teacher submitting questions about a classroom application will be paired with the Mathematica mentor best suited to help.

More Information


Tim O'Reilly's interview with Stephen Wolfram for O'Reilly Bioinformatics is now available online

The interview focuses on Wolfram's research, his book "A New Kind of Science," and its connection to bioinformatics. Wolfram was a keynote speaker at the Bioinformatics Technology Conference, which took place at the beginning of February this year.


Scott Kim's monthly puzzle column "Bogglers" in Discover Magazine features Mathematica in the March issue. A link to this month's column can be found near the bottom of the page

Kim has a paragraph on Mathematica found at the link under "Solution" that states:

"One of the most far-reaching features of Mathematica is a built-in programming language that lets you create interactive applications that can work with other programs or across the Web. Thousands of add-on packages have been written, covering areas as diverse as statistics, number theory, optics, audio-signal processing, and blackbody radiation. Even artists have gotten into the act (check out Learn more about Mathematica at"


Dragan Stancevic has written a very positive review of Mathematica 4.2 in the March issue of Linux Journal. He states:

"The fundamental idea behind Mathematica is what makes it such a versatile and powerful computing platform. Everything in Mathematica is represented as a symbolic expression....This opens up so many possibilities I was literally overwhelmed by the sheer number of things I could try for the review....

"...It's probably the most beautiful piece of Linux software I have ever used. During my review, I couldn't help but spend hours and hours just experimenting with the capabilities and exploring the options."

Stancevic was assisted in his review by Dr. Helen Moore, who is quoted as saying, "Mathematica is great. It's pretty much the best commercial package available, both for symbolic and numerical computations."


SOFTWARE WORTH PAYING FOR's review of Mathematica 4.2

In the review Moshe Bar writes:

"This year, once more, I fished out my credit-card to pay for my upgrade of Mathematica to version 4.2. The new version brings new, thrilling features. Next to new and enhanced connectivity to Java, XML, and the Web, it also offers new features for linear programming, statistics, optimization, combinatorics (a favorite subject of mine), and graph theory. Wolfram, the makers of Mathematica, also announced a grid version of Mathematica that allows you to scale out your calculation on a farm of computer nodes. I rather prefer to scale out my Mathematica computation jobs with Qlusters' OS, of which I am one of the developers. Mathematica is to serious mathematicians what olive oil is to chefs. If you do serious math, you can't go wrong with it."


The precollege solutions pages have been revised


Mathematica user experience and news stories can be found at the following locations on the Wolfram Research website:


Wolfram Research is pleased to announce that Neural Networks will be released in the U.S. and in IBD territories on Monday, 9 December 2002 and that the European release will take place on Monday, 6 January 2003.

Neural Networks is an innovative Mathematica application package designed to train, visualize, and validate neural network models. It combines Mathematica's powerful number-crunching and visualization capabilities with a comprehensive set of neural network structures and training algorithms. The result is an incredibly interactive and flexible environment for training and simulating artificial neural networks.


Stephen Wolfram has been named R&D Magazine's 2002 Scientist of the Year. He is on the cover of the November issue of the magazine, and it features a nine-page article about Stephen Wolfram, his book "A New Kind of Science," and Wolfram Research.

Tim Studt, editor in chief of the magazine, writes, "He runs a world-class business that has left any competition it might have once had in the dust years ago, and he is at the apex of turning the scientific community upside-down with his treatise on the theory of everything."


A white paper on Mathematica Link for LabVIEW is now available at:

The paper was written by Dave Ritter, the developer of the product.



The fifth International Mathematica Symposium will take place at Imperial College, London, in July 2003. Speakers include Stephen Wolfram, Bruno Buchberger, Roman Maeder, and the Nobel laureate, John F. Nash, who was the subject of the recent Hollywood film 'A Beautiful Mind'.

More information


This option will give a cost-effective solution for running large parallel Mathematica processes.

The product combines Parallel Computing Toolkit with kernel-only Mathematica licenses in multiples of eight processes at a reduced price. The Mathematica processes are licensed for use only to a single controlling process and a single user.

More information



The new book "Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica" by Henry C. Foley is now available. More information


The 2003 Mathematica Developer Conference will be held from 10-12 April 2003 in Champaign, Illinois. It will be an invaluable resource for users and developers who are interested in creating Mathematica-based tools, products, or courseware.

In the days immediately prior to the conference, Wolfram Education Group will also be offering attendees several Mathematica classes at special rates.

For more information about the conference, please visit:


ARXIV.ORG NOW ACCEPTS NOTEBOOK SUBMISSIONS, the e-print server hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, now accepts submissions of notebook documents. Authors can submit notebooks either as supplemental materials or as an entire article. Notebooks can be created with Mathematica or Publicon, and they can be viewed with Mathematica, Publicon or MathReader.

arXiv is an electronic archive and distribution server for technical research papers. Areas of study covered on arXiv include physics and related disciplines, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics and neuroscience. Last year, over 30 thousand papers were submitted and an estimated 15 million preprints were downloaded from arXiv and its international mirror sites.

For further information, view the press release at:



Wolfram Research has just released the UnRisk Pricing Engine for Mathematica, developed by MathConsult GmbH and Uni Software Plus GmbH.

Designed for quantitative analysts, traders, risk managers, treasurers, and product designers, UnRisk pricing engine for Mathematica is a tool designed to combine speed with precision in the analysis of financial derivatives. By integrating Mathematica with optimized C++ libraries, UnRisk provides the flexibility of a high-level programming language and the speed necessary for production use.

Key Capabilities:

  • Valuation of equity and interest rate derivatives
  • Calculation of implied volatility, hedge, and sensitivity parameters
  • Sensitivity analysis with respect to market data
  • Insight into complex contracts by means of graphical exploration
  • Rapid modeling, configuration, and parameterization
  • "What-if" analysis with respect to contractual rules and potential market developments

For more information about UnRisk, view:



The Danish Ministry of Education is one of the first organizations to use webMathematica technology for education, establishing a new pilot program in Denmark that may change the way future generations of high school students are educated throughout the world.

In an effort to investigate new ways to utilize advanced math programs in teaching and learning at the high school level, the Danish Ministry of Education has developed a program in which 24 participating schools will implement Mathematica-based courses that will be accessible via a specially designed intranet utilizing webMathematica technology.

More information on this news article, which is titled "Online Mathematica-Based Courses the First of a New Generation of Interactive Web Sites":